“It is my conclusion that CMATool offers a proactive solution to retaining employees. The questions were well thought out and I appreciate how quickly I can see the results. I can see how CMATool can be an effective tool in any hiring and retention program, saving money in the long run, as mobility is a great challenge in our organizations.” — Dr. Alfredo Cuellar, Coordinator, CSU Fresno

“It is always difficult to know for sure how a new employee will fit in with me and my staff. Before you had to just go with your feelings, I really like how CMATool offers a way to match new hires with our current working personalities. It offers a more factual approach in the process. We will have a CMATool link on our website as a resource for our clients to use." — Dr. Fred Mora, PsyD, President / CEO, The Human Resource Consortium Inc., Fresno, CA

“Your program certainly has merit, and I'll keep it in mind as I work with clients as it might be a good retention tool for them.” — Julie Sherriff, President Sherriff & Associates, Inc., Kansas City, KS

“The quiz was very interesting. I can see how it will match a candidate with an employer according to their work ethics and philosophical feelings. Overall, a good way to match how candidates and employers approach problems and situations” — David A. Van Cleave, Senior Writer-Editor, MITRE, Bedford, Mass

“Overall, I think the tool could be a very helpful and cost-effective choice” — Catherine Drogin, President, Silver Consumer Products Corporation, Brooklyn, NY