How It Works

You're about to find the job applicants who are most compatible with your professional goals and work style. CMSI’s detailed CMATool matches employers with job applicants according to the essential components of workplace compatibility.

CMATool is an easy yet comprehensive questionnaire that you can complete in minutes. Based on your answers to a series of questions, we'll create a detailed organizational profile that shows what is most important to you in your work environment. You can then have as many applicants as you like take the CMATool assessment questionnaire. What we will do is match and then provide you with an objective measure of the “Best Fit”.

Why you need CMATool

To be successful, your business must focus on finding employees who meet your needs and are likely to stay with your organization for years. The CMATool can help you refine your selection process, both at the beginning and at the end. It can be used as the first step in your hiring selection, facilitating the screening process in a way that does not impose extra demands on your organization. This means that, before you even interview, you already have an objective means of identifying the best people for you.

The CMATool can be as equally helpful at the final phases of hiring. Suppose you have three or four applicants who you feel are well suited. The CMATool can support you to select the most appropriate candidate for your organization, in a manner that doesn’t rely on subjective impressions or personalities.